Make IE crash easily

If you build web-sites, and want to avoid any user with IE to access it, please find a link that will explain to you how to have the browser of your visitor crashing….

Jef Claes on IE crash

I know it will not be an issue for long because IE is fading away, finally….

Internet explorer officially dead

On web-sites for IT professionals, we see the Microsoft market share declining since a couple of years. Depending on target audience, we see Firefox taking somewhere in between 50% to 80%. However, statistics are statistics, and huge differences can be seen based on who is metering. In Germany/Finland, the public as a whole use open source browsers. In the Netherlands, UK, US, a lot of African countries, … you see a larger portion of the population using Internet Explorer. Everyone uses his/her own statistics to prove a point. Now, everyone seems convinced the trend is final and the world has gone one leap forward in being open and free.

Some reading:

Remark: Micrsoft did not acknowledge, they are still buzzing around new versions and contesting figures at the same time. At least the press is convinced and most professionals know.