About my SCM use

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In a previous life, I did administrate different repositories in different technologies. Those repositories were accessed by multiple people, and in some cases from different environments and different continents.

From this experience, sometimes the hard way, I have developed 2 preferences: Subversion and Git.

Both work reasonably well, both in personal and corporate environments. There are a few that should be avoided, but one can read more about selecting the right one on on the specific pages:

  • cvs: because it is outdated and replaced by svn
  • source-safe: because it is really bad, gets corrupt all the time, is not open…
  • clearcase: because it does no group commits. It is more like a FAT like file system than it is source control
  • vcs/pvcs: because they are outdated
  • all the others: because they did not match my requirements
  • those that are no real source control systems: because they do not fit any SCM requirements

At this moment, I am more in a role were I can dictate a choice if I would want too. Curiously enough, most mainstream developments do need little steering. Source control has come to a certain maturity, and except for the .Net initiative, senior developers have developed a comparable preference.

BTW: I shun from using anything from the .Net initiative. I am not a sales representative and want to have a system that works across platforms. …

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