Subversion is also known as SVN. It is the de-facto standard for most modern development. As can be noted from the following article, 58% of all eclipse users seem to be using subversion.

I did not say it is the best tool. It has its issues. But it is very good, stable, fast and widely used.

Initially developed by CollabNet, it has been transferred to the Apache foundation. As a result, there is even more public acceptance, quality assurance and it has all the other benefits of being managed under this umbrella. (The Apache foundation is the author of the apache web-server which drives more than 50% of the internet.)

If none of the specific projects fit better, it is a very safe bet.

Important features:

  • atomic commits
  • multi-user
  • ultra-fast
  • good automatic conflict resolution
  • good integration in apache server
  • hundreds of third-party programs are compatible
  • extensive documentation

Search this site by typing svn in the search box.

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