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How to set-up hotspot.

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Observium disk full

If your graphs are showing with ‘graph error’ and your disk is almost full, please follow the instructions below.

Add extra disk to your VM or to your machine and type following commands with root privileges.

# display disk name
fdisk -l

# create partition
fdisk /dev/sdb

# type n enter enter enter enter w enter
# means new partition, default values accept, and write out changes

# extend physical volume group
vgextend observium-vg /dev/sdb1

# extend size in volume group and resize file system
lvextend -L +19G /dev/mapper/observium--vg-root
resize2fs /dev/mapper/observium--vg-root

# check everything is ok
df -k

# now regenerate graphs that were missing
cd /opt/observium
php discovery.php -h all
php poller.php -h all

Above assumes you are adding a second disk of 20 GB. sdb and +19G might need to change if your configuration is different.