Subversion server on Mac OS X

In order to install a subversion server on Mac OS X, one has many choices.

In order to install on any version of Mac OS X, one can use fink or macports. This requires fink or macports to be installed on your machine. Please follow following links to do so. If you are like me, and don’t like installing what you do not need, please read on…

If you are a user of 10.5 (Leopard), and are fine with version 1.4 of subversion – which is a very good version – you can install the developer tools. It contains all necessary components. Please follow following links for more information.

If you are a user of 10.4 or below, or if you want version 1.5 of subversion, please proceed as follows:

Download the universal binaries from CollabNet. (or from Martin Ott) Install them on your system. Create your repository. Configure authentication and get started.

Some information on using can be found here and here.

svn::, ssh:: …

All of this is fine, but it does not help us in having a full subversion server. A full server is always on and accessible over the network by a number of users. Following tips can help in getting the installation one step further.

Following link explains how to install svnserve as a deamon.

More information about setting up and accessing the repository will follow.

Additional reading: