LDAP install guide CentOS

At first sight a good explanation on setting up an ldap on a CentOS machine.

First we start looking at a low profile CentOS machine to activate on my ESXi. Follow these steps:

1) Getting CentOS:

2) Preparing the ESXi instance:

3) Installing CentOS:

4) Installing LDAP:

5) Testing LDAP:
… to be done … I will update the article once finished.

e.g.: http://vuksan.com/linux/LDAP_authentication_under_Linux.html

Internet explorer officially dead

On web-sites for IT professionals, we see the Microsoft market share declining since a couple of years. Depending on target audience, we see Firefox taking somewhere in between 50% to 80%. However, statistics are statistics, and huge differences can be seen based on who is metering. In Germany/Finland, the public as a whole use open source browsers. In the Netherlands, UK, US, a lot of African countries, … you see a larger portion of the population using Internet Explorer. Everyone uses his/her own statistics to prove a point. Now, everyone seems convinced the trend is final and the world has gone one leap forward in being open and free.

Some reading: http://www.networkworld.com/news/2010/100510-microsoft-ie-browser-firefox-chrome.html.

Remark: Micrsoft did not acknowledge, they are still buzzing around new versions and contesting figures at the same time. At least the press is convinced and most professionals know.