How to add image to Nagios chart

We assume following configuration:

  • FAN installation containing Nagios and Centreon installed on CentOS 5.9
  • IP of Nagios:
  • You are owner of a working machine with linux or macos (windows users will need to use putty for some of the steps or install an ftp server on the centreon machine)

First step, prepare your image

Create an image of 40 by 40 pixels and in PNG format. In order to blend in the image with Nagios, make sure that the parts around the image are transparent. (Alpha layer PGN).

Second step, upload your image

Normally speaking, your server should only support following protocols. HTTPS (or HTTP for local deployments) and SSH. If you have FTP running on your server, things are different, but here we assume we only have HTTP/SSH. We also assume the root account is accessible from the outside. If not (e.g. debian default install) one will have to copy to the user having remote access over SSH.

scp image.png root@
scp image.png user1@

Third step, copy the image to the right folder on the server

Please note the second operation is a move operation. Make sure to execute the steps in the correct order.

cp /root/*.png /usr/share/centreon/www/img/media/logos/
mv /root/*.png /usr/share/nagios/images/logos/

Normally, a chown apache:apache to the files would be required in order to make the files readable for Nagios, but this seems to be working without. Just for the sake of correctness, please find following commands.

chown apache:apache /usr/share/centreon/www/img/media/logos/
chown apache:apache /usr/share/nagios/images/logos/

Forth step, refresh the server

Log-in to centreon, go to administration, options, media and select synchronise media. Now you should be able to use the image on any network device.